After more than 5 years (today’s date is 27/11/2021) Carlos Pérezgrín has solved all the puzzles in the game, visited a secret in-game location and discovered all the available lore, becoming the first (and only) person able to fully complete the adventure. 



“The name is Mike. I was born in a miserable hole on New Hope, the capital of Kepler 452b, a misplaced planet in the constellation of Cygnus. I grew up in the streets among thieves, whores and goons. Life was not easy, but somehow I did not become one of them. In fact, I only wanted to escape and forget Kepler forever”.


“Soon I realized that if you belong to the dregs of the world the only chance to board a ship is to become a crew member. To achieve this I had to become part of the Sinotec army. I hated them but it didn’t matter; I worked hard, gritted my teeth, and they admitted me to the military academy”.

“When I was assigned my own patrol ship, a fighter nicknamed Doomsday, I knew that she could be my ticket out of Kepler. I messed with her tracking system and one night, with civil unrest erupting on the planet, I left with just a few personal things”.

“My first port of call was The Pit, an old station full of space pirates, renegades and hookers. The Pit has been my home to this day. I actually like it here, there is freedom and the universe is a big place full of opportunities”.


“Well… I’m sorry but I guess that I need to cut the chit-chat short. You know, I received this one e-mail about a lost worker in the Regus, an abandoned space station. Somebody wants me to go inside and find what terrible fate descended upon him”.



Doomsday Lost Echoes (DDLE) is a graphical text adventure. The player, you, uses text input to control the game and the computer reveals what is happening via text output. At the same time, the computer displays an image of the current location.


The cockpit of your ship (actual screenshot)

The Regus reception (actual screenshot)

The game was programmed specifically for the Amstrad CPC using the Professional Adventure Writing System (PAWS). It makes use of most of the PAWS capabilities and, although it is a text adventure, it relies extensively on graphics support. As a matter of fact, there are more than sixty graphics the player can enjoy, including cutscenes, introduction, locations and different endings. All of them are fine works of pixel art created with the CPC in mind, and detailed examination of the pictures is required to discover hidden hints that are necessary to progress in the game.

DDLE can be played on a real Amstrad (CPC or Plus) or in an emulator. It requires 128KB of RAM and a floppy drive able to read 720KB discs. Besides this, there are no other compatibility issues. Of course, you can play the game on a real Amstrad using a HxC or any other floppy emulator, this is actually our preferred option. Ideally, you should have two floppy drivers, but this is not strictly necessary. Please, check the manual or this link for detailed loading instructions.

All the team would like to thank you deeply for playing. Although we made this just for fun, we spent many months working intensively on the project to produce the best possible bug-free classic adventure. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.



FRIENDLY REMINDER: seriously, remember to read the user manual to learn the basic commands. Everything you could do in the classic games is here as well, although maybe you need to type something slightly different to get the same results.

Pay particular attention to:

GET – to pick up objects.

DROP – to drop them.

WEAR – to wear something.

REMOVE – to remove something you are wearing.

EXAMINE, EX or X – to get the description of an object, room, etc. LOOK is equivalent to examine in this game and it is not used to obtain the description of a location again.

DESCRIBE, REDESCRIBE, DESC, REDESC or simply R – to read again the description of the current location.

EXITS or Z – to know the possible exits.

The parser in this game allows you to perform lots of things and all the info is in the manual. If you read it you will be able to focus on the puzzles and it will not be necessary re-discover the wheel.