VERY IMPORTANT: Basic commands.

Please, remember to read the user manual to learn the basic commands (and the others). Everything you could do in the classic games (an probably more) is here as well, although maybe you need to type something slightly different to get the same results.

Pay particular attention to:

GET – to pick up objects.

DROP – to drop them.

WEAR – to wear something.

REMOVE – to remove something you are wearing.

EXAMINE, EX or X – to get the description of an object, room, etc. LOOK is equivalent to examine in this game and it is not used to obtain the description of a location again.

DESCRIBE, REDESCRIBE, DESC, REDESC or simply R – to read again the description of the current location.

EXITS or Z – to know the possible exits.


Only 7 basic commands to perform the most essential actions  :).

The parser in this game allows you to perform lots of things and all the info is in the manual. If you read it you will be able to focus on the puzzles and it will not be necessary re-discover the wheel.

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