Doomday Lost Echoes comes in 2 floppy disc images. The floppy 1 (ddle_1.dsk) is a standard Amstrad CPC image and it can be burnt to a 3” or 3.5” disc. The second one (ddle_2.dsk) is a high density floppy disc image with a capacity of 720KB and therefore requires a drive able to read it and a 3.5” disc if you decide to burn it. It contains the adventure and it is used to store your saved games as well, make sure that it is not write protected. To load the game you need to use these images with an emulator or burn them and use a real Amstrad.

If you are using a real Amstrad and it has two drives, introduce the discs you burnt from the dsk files on them. Make sure that the floppy 1 (ddle_1.dsk) is in the drive A and the floppy 2 (ddle_2.dsk) is in the drive B. Then, type RUN”DISC. The game will load automatically and you will be presented with a font selection menu. Choose the font you prefer to play the adventure (your selection will be remembered) and wait for the game to load. As said before, you can also use any kind of compatible floppy disc drive emulator instead of real floppies.

If your Amstrad only has one floppy drive it needs to be a high density one, an HxC or a similar device. Introduce the side A of floppy 1 on the drive and type RUN”DISC. Wait for the CP/M to load and choose the in-game font. The computer will configure now the drive B and try to switch to it automatically. However, since you only have one drive, there will be an error. When this happens exchange floppy 1 for floppy 2 and then type B:. Once you see the prompt “B>” type DOOMSDAY. The game will load automatically.

If you decide to use an emulator, configure it to have 128KB and two floppy drives. Then follow the same steps as if you had the real machine with two drives.